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SCA-A Safe Place to Find Your Way

Southwest Counseling Associates provides professional psychotherapy for people of all faiths

  • Marriage Counseling
  • Treatment for Anger, Anxiety, Depression
  • Christian Counseling

Everyone needs a hand now and then. We all need help at times to heal, grow and find direction. To meet this need, Mission Hills Church of Littleton, Colorado, established Southwest Counseling Associates in 1986 as a non-profit extension ministry. Now an independent agency, SCA maintains its partnership with Mission Hills while pursuing opportunities to work with other churches and organizations in the greater Denver area and the Front Range.

Reaching further to serve more

SCA makes it a core value to serve as many people as we can from all walks of life. While offering leading edge expertise and personalized care to all our clients, we also offer a Christian perspective to those who request it. We accept payment from most insurance providers, and we have alternative payment options for those without insurance. Our staff offers a collective range of specialties to meet nearly all mental health needs, and we operate offices in the north and south of the greater Denver area for maximum accessibility.


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